Everyone is welcome on the website for the People’s Countryside Football Club, where one will be able to find detailed information about the the story of the club, its team and team members, the owners, as well as historical data about its inception. We encourage people to have a look at the upcoming pages in order to obtain more information about the club’s past and how it managed to evolve to become the powerhouse it has became today.

Like many other clubs formed in the same period, the People’s Countryside Football Club also has its beginnings deeply embedded in the World War II era. Being initially founded by several young men who decided one day that it was time for people to be able to relax and relieve themselves from the stress accumulated because of the hardships of war. There were of course several factors that lead to the creation of the football club but the most prominent one was the underlying passion for the game.

Initially founded as a small-time venue, with limited budget and practically no resources, the club would sustain multiple significant changes in its long standing history. Starting with the fact that its owners were only a few schoolboys who were passionate about football and ending with the fact that none of them had any pocket money when they decided to finally establish some legal aspects for the football club in the following years.

To reach the final state that characterizes it today – to be the only football club located in the countryside, the People’s Countryside Football Club underwent multiple location changes until it was established in its current grounds.

For finding out more about its story, we urge users to have a look on the upcoming pages and marvel about the troubled destine that makes its history so intriguing.