Join the People’s Countryside Football Club

e4816d0368bc454fa8e79f305770482a_6The owners of the People’s Countryside Football Club encourage everyone to become part of the club, regardless of their passion for football. Everyone is welcome and there is no age or gender criteria that is in effect for those who wish to join the club. There are two main ways one can join, one in the virtual environment provided by the Internet, therefore by creating an account and one by actually being physically present, visiting the grounds location. Also regardless of their choice, those who choose to join the club will not regret their decision and the owners promise a swift and paper-less transition to a membership status.

For those who wish to join the club by creating an online account, there are several ways in which this can be achieved: one can either use the predefined form that is available here on the registration page or send an email to the customer support staff and await their prompt reply.

In order to register to the actual club venue and frequent it as a regular customer, one needs to come by the club’s grounds and register in person. The owners of the People’s Countryside Football Club regret that this is the only way to register for attending the club physically, but they state that this is the way which they make sure that only those who are indeed motivated will attend the club, since their coming to the grounds for the registration process is a kind of guarantee to attest to that fact.

Choosing to register permanently to frequent the club can be a wonderful thing, especially for young sports fans who are just making contact with the beautiful activity that football is. It will enable them to have both a recreational and educational pastime that will help them in order to become more organized and work harmoniously as a team with others. To come to the aid to the parents who wish to register their children to the club, the owners have devised a special school, which will allow children of ages up to 18 to enter for both theoretical and practical training.