Contact Information and Testimonials from Our Fans

bigstock-web-contact-us-icons-on-blue-t-52296409The People’s Countryside Football Club can be reached easier than ever, now with the advancements in the technological department, everyone will be able to reach the football club with any particular inquiry and obtain a relevant information in no time. Those who wish to get in touch with the People’s Countryside Football Club have several choices for establishing contact.

They can used the online form, which is provided on this page, where names, contact details and inquiries can be written down, they can use one of the five email addresses and send messages or use the telephone numbers and call the customer support department.

Depending on the network load and telephone connections, the department responsible with human relations will ensure that everyone’s call will be answered, but the owners of the football club wish to state in advance that technical issues that might occur with the Internet and/or telephony provides cannot be accounted for immediately. Users as well as clients are urged to have patience, as the customer support staff will do everything possible if such situations will occur.

That being said, the owners of the People’s Countryside Football Club wish everyone a happy time on their website and encourage people to contact them, as well as the team members or the specialized staff, for an insight into the club’s history, members, achievements and future – pardon the pun – goals!