Up-Close and Personal With the Football Club’s Team Members

fc_barcelona_team_2_2011True football fans might be happy to know that the People’s Countryside Football Club does feature a dedicated section where people can talk with the actual team members, both through offline messaging or through live chat sessions. All those who have registered for an online account are eligible to participate to these activities and the present page will contain a listing of all the available team members that can be contacted.

Team members which appear as online, in “green” color, can be reached instantaneously, by simply clicking on them and choosing the conference mode. A separate window will be opened and people will be able to view video feed and interact with the players from the other end of the line. Instead team members appearing offline, in “gray”, can be clicked for sending an offline message, which will be answered as soon as they will have viewed the conversation.

The online membership is the only prerequisite that those who wish to interact with the team members need to have. Once an account has been created, all that users need to do is navigate to the player interaction page and click on the above-mentioned online/offline status members. Again, everybody is welcome to have a chat with the team members, as to get to know them and find out interesting information from each one of them – firsthand.