Souvenirs and Equipment for Our Fans

football_souvenirs2Here on the People’s Countryside Football Club website, one will be able to also access a dedicated page where souvenirs and even the equipment used by the club’s team can be purchased.

A detailed listing with all the available items for purchasing is provided, allowing one to also apply search filters, for an easier identification process. Starting from coffee mugs, rugs, posters, fridge magnets and up until even postcards or stamps with the football club’s name and badge, people can buy all sorts of items on this page. Dedicated fans can also access a separate section where only equipment is sold.

The equipment section allows people to purchase the official gear used by the club’s team, be it shirts, shorts, shoes, and so on, brand new or even used. The used equipment often times features the team member’s autograph on it and it is far more expensive than the regular equipment. No registration is required in order to place orders and perform purchases on either the souvenir or equipment items. All that users need to do is provide the credit card number and the corresponding amount will be transferred in the first available working day.

For returning customers, there is the possibility of creating an account, which can be used for more than just purchases and which will facilitate people’s access to the media galleries and results/events pages. All the placed orders will be honored within a maximum of 10 working days, as stocks can vary and certain items will have to be shipped directly from the factory. A return policy is available and all of those who have placed orders and have the constituent receipts for their purchases, are eligible to return the merchandise in a period of maximum 30 days from the date of purchasing.

The football club’s staff members are always able to assist in case one requires specific information about certain items or other relevant information that is related to the souvenirs and equipment page. Accessible both through telephone or direct messaging provided on the website, the staff will ensure that people receive the fastest feedback possible and that all transactions and purchases will be running smoothly and without incidents.