News, Calendar and Upcoming Events

istock-calendarPeople will be able to find out detailed information about the recent events the team has gone through, like matches, press meetings as well as public appearances. One thing that must be mentioned is the fact that the club’s team is mainly comprised of imported players and this could be one of the reasons why there are skeptical views when it comes to their appearances in the media.

Because the football club’s team is constantly “on the run”, trying to compete to as many events as possible, it is difficult to be able to “catch” them for interviews or other activities. A busy schedule characterizes the team’s schedule and it is precisely this fact making them one of the most hardworking team present in the country.

Fans will benefit from information about various interviews and events that were documented using the local and foreign media and to this end several photo galleries offer insight into the different matches, results, events and other important landmarks present in the team’s evolution until the present day. People can navigate through a dedicated library that documents the team’s entire “life”, which is populated with well organized and structured content, in both images and videos, which will surely allow one to get the big picture about the team’s past, present and even future standings.

An even more detailed news-feed is available, allowing those who are keen on football to access up-to-date recordings with the latest events, present and even future and upcoming ones, all of these being offered in a well-designed graphical user interface that ensures that people will be able to find out the required information in no time. Applying search filters is also supported, allowing one to easily make the search process a far less costly action. Although all the events, matches and landmarks that characterize the team’s history are ordered in a chronological order, those who wish to be able to find the required information faster, must resort to applying such filters and therefore make no efforts there.

A special dedicated section will present users with biographical information about past and present team members and even the temporary or reserve members have their own dedicated layout where one can access each of the person’s file.