The Football Club in Retro Images

club-universidad-nacional-retro-replicas-football-shirt-1954-s_15325_2Another very important part that the People’s Countryside Football Club’s website contains is the vintage image gallery. Here, one can expect to find images that are from the old days of the club, mostly before the 1960’s, arranged and even curated digitally by a specialist. Painstaking work was performed in order to gather as much data and images as possible and complete the picture collection that is called by many of the club’s fans, “a moving piece of time”. It manages to accurately depict the hardships of war and the enjoyment that playing football brought to the men who practiced this sport in those days.

As with the other media content that is presented on the website, the vintage collection can also be previewed systematically, using specialized queries and filters that are aimed at increasing the efficiency which with people can find specific photographs.

A specialized interface enables people to browse the contents of the gallery using keywords or selecting several items that are available for searching: team member name, year of registration, year of birth, nationality, race, role in the field or even education.

By using the provided interface, one can easily set up an efficient search scheme and find the required photographs in no time. The People’s Countryside Football Club owners pride themselves with the vintage gallery and this is clearly visible in the numerous print galleries that they have managed to present in the course of time, using the photographs from their retro collection.

Fans all around world gather for having the chance to view “bits of the past” from the football club’s team and its evolution before the 1960’s. Now, despite the fact that the gallery is formed primarily from scanned photographs that were gathered from as many sources as possible, there are also several films that were created during that period, which depict interviews and short match clips of the team in action.

For those who wish to access the video part of the collection, a dedicated premium website membership is required, which will grant them access to all of the video content for the vintage section. Information about this membership status will be provided in the following pages and those who wish to register for it are encouraged to contact the club’s support staff.